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Shantaram – Gregory Roberts

Summary: Lin, a convict in Australian prison for heroin and other odd stuffs, escapes prison and lands in India with a forged visa/passport. He steps into the city that absorbs and transforms into Linbaba. Bombay or Mumbai as it is called now had in store much more than he could have ever imagined. Prabhakar gives … Continue reading



To kill a mocking bird

Summary – First party narration of an eight year old.  Scout is talking about her life in a southern state with her brother and dad. A distinguished and learned man, Atticus has introduced scout to letters and reading even before she started school. School hence was bothersome to scout since her teachers did not like her learning before school … Continue reading


The Kite Runner

Summary – Aamir, the only son of a wealthy father brought up in Afghanistan, has a poor friend Hassan. They had a colorful friendship with memories to cherish. Hassan is as dedicated in the friendship as one could be. They spent days in Kabul, enjoying as kids and their major hobby was kite flying. Hassans … Continue reading


Life of Pi

Summary – Piscine Molitar Patel is from a humble family in Pondicherry which owns a zoo with interesting animals. Piscine has a confused religious stance as he grows up. He tries and imbibes all the positive that is there in all three religions that he is familiar with. However he becomes a subject of controversy … Continue reading


Pride & Prejudice

Summary – The bonnets are a humble family blessed with 5 daughters. The marriage of these 5 daughters is the sole aim in Mrs Bennets life. Mr Bennet however seems more attached to his library than his family – Elizabeth being an exception. The arrival of the wealthy  Bingleys in the neighborhood excites many a … Continue reading


GONE With the WIND

Summary – Scarlet O hara is the most manipulative women you can ever come across. And with age and experience her manipulation just rose to greater standards. In her youth she found pleasure when men drooled over her whilst she was actually smitten by Ashley. Scarlet has a long journey from an attractive extrovert, a … Continue reading