GONE With the WIND


Summary – Scarlet O hara is the most manipulative women you can ever come across. And with age and experience her manipulation just rose to greater standards. In her youth she found pleasure when men drooled over her whilst she was actually smitten by Ashley. Scarlet has a long journey from an attractive extrovert, a stubborn girl, unwanted marriages & undesired motherhood to a strong woman who withstands the terrible phase of war and poverty. She manipulates men & marriage her way though her heart knew only Ashley. She hated the roguish visitor from Charleston  – Rhet Buttler but found that destiny kept drawing her back to him. Struggling throughout with the emotions scarlet realizes that her father was right about the love for the soil.


Review – What the best of wines would do to your taste buds so did this book do to me. It teasingly intoxicated me and lingered behind long after I finished the book. It acquainted me to the fact that I can fall in love with the evil. The life of Scarlet O Hara from a stubborn flirtatious girl to a strong manipulative women and finally the dawning of true realization was a stunning read. And before Scarlet I think I fell in love with the rouge from Charleston. The ability to portrait a character as a wanton, greedy rogue and yet admirable is I think a great feat! The only regret was the size of the book which dint let me carry it around. As a person far from numbers and dates the historical facts I should confess has skipped my mind. Yet the plight of Melanie was not lost on me. Margaret has sketched each character with immense details and my heart goes out to the soft Ellen nursing niggers & poor white trash, to mammy who could galvanize the most shiftless negro into energy, Ashley – who’s always in a folderol about books & poetry, Melanie – the sweetest gentle woman with a heart-shaped face..but who really captured my heart was the rogue from Charleston who had cool recklessness in his demeanor and a cynical humor in his mouth! She has with great skill brought to life & union – a girl who has seen all possible fate in her life and a guy who has seen all possible girls.


Advice – If you are in a nostalgic mood with a long weekend ahead. And all you want to do is lie in your sofa and drift to another world, another age – go for it. It is good for a slow enjoying read. I wont suggest it for those who are looking for something to while the time.



Verbivore’s Say – Delectable – A taste that lingers.


5 thoughts on “GONE With the WIND

  1. Smita | |

    Great review & analysis. I have a confession to make. A couple of years back i had picked up the book. Found it tad slow so read initial fifty pages and jumped to the last few pages but now your review is compelling me to pick up that gifted copy.

    @ Smita
    Im so glad – ths is as good as a medal for me that Ive prompted an avid reader to pick up a book. Go for it only if u have all the time in the world and live for a few days as scarlett O hara As mentioned above i’l have to shift ths blog.and hence this comment i hope ull understand

  2. Wait a sec.Did I see this review in the other blog today morning.Or was I having a hangover:). The book sounds good anda really tempting review there…but as you have mentioned the size too I dont think I would attempt it. Off late reading more of E-books[there by supporting piracy :P) and infact making a deliberate attempt to keep off good books as am afraid a few words from them will come into my play scripts. i dont mind being a pirate but plagiarizer is tough to handle :).

  3. @ Nautanki..yeah u drink a lot these days!! have u set a goal to start a giggle nywhere yu scribble? LOL true i wrote it there but wanted a seperate section coz have some more books in store and guessed that people with both interests will be rare. so attached ths blog! hey id lov to read ur plays..ive been tresspassing ur blog quite a few days for a laughter pill but aftr tht quirky tag there was nthng for a long time!

  4. Read my play?? Sorry I dont encourage suicidal tendencies :P. Unless until you give a written note saying I wont be repsonsible for anything adverse happening to you i cant do it :). and yeah new one up not sure what pills its gonna make you take..gosh!! such shameless self advertisement for my blog 😛

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