Pride & Prejudice

pride-2Summary – The bonnets are a humble family blessed with 5 daughters. The marriage of these 5 daughters is the sole aim in Mrs Bennets life. Mr Bennet however seems more attached to his library than his family – Elizabeth being an exception. The arrival of the wealthy  Bingleys in the neighborhood excites many a positive vibes. Mrs Bennet expected Jane being the eldest and most beautiful to be the center of attraction to the rich, settled and handsome Bingley which sure does prove true in the long run. But Bingleys social ties seem to complicate issues. His friend Darcy is entangled between the vexation of such low society of his friend and strikingly admirable nature of Elizabeth. Darcy earns the reputation of highly proud and unacceptable character. The Bingleys leave the neighborhood with short notice leaving a sad Jane behind. Elizabeth discovering Darcy’s hand in the sudden parting is all the more against this proud, snobbish person.

Elizabeth an observer of character had analysed from the beginning that the Bingley sisters were prejudiced and Darcy a menace to their association to the Bingley family. New rumors of Darcy’s treatment to his nearest kin drives Elizabeth to the point of hating this guy for ruining her sisters life and for the way he looked down upon her family. Heated conversations between them bring out the contempt in her heart and his sarcastic views on her family. And lo unfolds a story of interesting twists and turns and new realization for Elizabeth.



Review – Jane Austen has weaved a normal household story with exceptional skill. Each character with a different tinge! The burden of the mother with 5 daughters, the silent father who is neither content nor complaining about life. The beauties with brain – the eldest Bennet daughters. The senseless playful younger daughters and mary the studious among the lot! The subtle humor which trails through the unfolding of Mr Collins and his association of Lady Catherine is really amusing.  This is not a thriller..but sure keeps you glued. It is not a romantic flick but gets you smile at the romances that unfold. It is a drama set in a serious tone but the satirical humor is amusing and thought provoking.

Yes it was a feast for the verbivore as you would see. Thoughtful analysis of human behavior and interactions wrapped in alarmingly beautiful words. To give you a subtle taste of it  – “Undoubtedly  there is meanness in all the arts which ladies sometimes condescend to employ for captivation. Whatever bears affinity to cunning is despicable.”

The dawning of the relevance of the title to the entire thread of the story I would say was the dessert!


Advice – As I would say for most classics. If you have time and the mind – go for it. If you are really interested the nature of human characteristics and reactions, if concealed emotions pique your interest, if subtle humor amuse you and if you are interested in the intricate web of words! You must read it.


Verbivore’s Say – Scrumptous




5 thoughts on “Pride & Prejudice

  1. “If you have time and the mind – go for it” :)))… I tried reading this book 3-4 times but all are failed attempts..never able to read past 2-3 pages…serioously dont think i have a mind for sane classics 🙂

  2. lol – happened to me initially, when i was 17! But if ur an avid reader, once in a leisurely mood u should try to delve into the subtly strong classics – I believe they are the elixir of language 🙂 u read this comment without yawning?? u sure have patience to read classics ;P

  3. After watching a TV Series based on it & even a movie, do u think I will still enjoy the book???

    But yes I do love reading classics once in a while 🙂

  4. like nautankey i tried reading this book 2-3 times .. everytime i cudnt get past 20 pages ..despite picking up an abridged book.. i stuggled thru the movie as well.. will try attempting it once more..

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