Life of Pi

Summary – Piscine Molitar Patel is from a humble family in Pondicherry which owns a zoo with interesting animals. Piscine has a confused religious stance as he grows up. He tries and imbibes all the positive that is there in all three religions that he is familiar with. However he becomes a subject of controversy among the the religious priests and a question mark in the minds of his parents. Being a Zoo keeper Piscine’s father makes sure that he has a clear idea of the violent side of the many ferocious animals that they rear. When Piscine is 16 his family decides to migrate to Canada but unfortunately the ship in which they travel drowns and Piscines unbelievable story of survival begins. Piscine along with a hyena, a zebra, an orang-uttan, and Richard Parker (a tiger)..who survives and who loses is for you to see.


Review – Yenn Martel has given us an extremely graphical novel which is just unputdownable. From a small place like Pondicherry into the wide seas the graphic journey is awe-inspiring. The struggle of a child with a strange name. His creativity in making things normal for himself. His curious minds that explore the lives of world. The sensibility of adolescence which makes him imbibe all the three religions that surround him as they were one and finally the struggle and survival that actually sends a chill through your spine. Its truth..but reveals a miracle. Its tragic..but wrapped up in good humour. It is a book written in such a way that you just wont leave it until you finish it and a story that is told in such a way that ‘it’ wont leave you after you finish it.

Advice – Those who love to travel with their imagination, those who need a break from serious literature reading, those who feel books are too complex to handle should go for it.  U wont regret..I’m sure.

Verbivore’s say – There are some tastes that are a must try..without which you are incomplete as a connoisseur. This is surely one of them.


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