Messages in a Bottle


Summary: Theresa enjoyed her work as a columnist at Boston Times. She was getting recognized more and more as days passed by. Her role as Kevin’s mother too was gratifying. Kevin sure was a fine little lad. What tormented her was her separation with George. It wasn’t that they dint have a nice time together or George ended up marrying the girl over whom they fought. It was just that moment of faithlessness that turned her off. Deanne her friend and senior at Boston Times has been persuading her to date someone else.  Theresa was just not ready for it or rather she couldn’t believe that anyone could love somebody for life until the day she found those messages in bottles. Her peep into Garretts love for Catherine teaches her a lot more.

Review: I had picked this book in-between serious reading and of course it helped as a light one. Was it a page turner? Well it depends on how desperate you are for some graphically explicit narration. The theme of a person sending love letters wrapped up in bottles into the ocean is cute..and not one that you’d find every now and then. But the story holds in for no more serious twists though the Author has attempted to it.  It was my first Nicholas Sparks novel. I have heard the Author is the favorite among many. But I found the novel no more than harlequin romance series. Perhaps it’s a harsh word to a creative work but I guess I just couldn’t attach any more cedits to the book than a ‘read to while your time’.

Advice: Pick it only if you want just to while your time when you are in a long queue or the traffic is too bad on your way home (if you aren’t riding that is!) or when you need a break from a serious reading. Just don’t bother to buy it anyways!


Verbivore’s say – can have it in intervals. But that’s about it!



7 thoughts on “Messages in a Bottle

  1. I somehow feel that the either I have read the book or may be some other book with the same theme. Has Danielle Steel written anything on the same lines???

    I had missed blog rolling this blog of urs, but aaj achanak I remembered & here I am 🙂

  2. donno..but for sure..the plot aint innovative. The only effort th author has put in is to make us wait for the ‘hot scenes’ i guess~! He’s a gr8 author Ive heard. maybe i shudnt judge with this one book.

    Hey thts ok..guess you are the only one loitering around here ;P
    thnx for dropping by.

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