A Walk To Remember – Nicholas Sparks

a-walk2Summary – Landon Carter is a fun loving, rich kid. His father is busy making money that he hardly gets to spend time with his father. He surely misses the kind of childhood that his father got to spend where he would go fishing and hiking.

Jamie Sullivan is the daughter of a Baptist reverend. From the day Landon sees her she carries a Bible with her. Though the whole elderly community sees her as a very sweet person, she is not one to be considered as hot among the young!

Landon was not a person against the church, his family does attend the church on Sundays, but he was on the then notorious fun loving lot. He & Jamie was unthinkable & unimaginable till the day he had no one for the dance on prom day! From there slowly & reluctantly the fun loving bloke falls for the tender, religious, humanitarian. What unfolds is all yours to read.

Review – A simple romantic venture. But the first party narration of a guy falling for glamour-less girl is kind of unique and the unfolding of the events of the novel really makes you sit on the edge. It is simple and touching. It is sure to strike a chord in almost all hearts that read.

Advice – Whether you are a reader or want to become one, whether you are in love or will fall in future – pick it! As light a read it is, so subtly a strong message it holds!

Verbivore’s Say – Soup for the Romantic Soul


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