Science Fiction

The Time Traveler’s Wife

Summary: Henry discovers that he travels through time…beyond his wish that is. It is his genetic problem and though he finds it interesting in the initial stages, he finds that this problem can really get hin into BIG trouble. He can go back to the time when his mother died, he can stand and watch it or even talk to her, but there is nothing that he can do to prevent it coz, it has already happened. He can go and have a glimpse of the future, but probably the people have not yet in their own stage of realizing him. Clare in her childhood days meet Henry coming from days when he is already married to her. From the time she is conscious of herself, she is aware of this life partner of hers. She accepts, patiently awaits for the time he comes to her childhood days from her own future…she accepts and apprehensively awaits him to return to her present. Her patience, her will to survive the cluelessness and the tension that mounts around it perhaps makes us accept her momentary stray in life. Henry is a librarian and he has issues in his office too due to his time travelling. Clare is an artist of a different sort. Family and friends have a good role in helping them to lead a normal life..fighting all these weirdities! (is there a word like that? lemme check!)

Review: Im astounded by the imagination, the logic and the empathy with which it is written. Can it be called a science fiction? An out and out romance story? I cant define it. It made me half belive that it is possible to have such a genetic problem and travel. It made me sit and cry for Clare. It made me empathize for Henry as though I know him all along. It made me ‘understand’ Henrys Dads loss of direction after him mothers death. The author no doubt is talented, has invested loads of time in research and drafting. Coz when you read it you’ll know how out of a maze the story comes out perfectly woven! If at all I have to criticize I would say that certain mannerisms the characters are identical in which either can be seen as that age that country people do that..stuff or that the author failed to conceal her unique writing style while sketching the characters differently. That too I could just observe only in a couple of instances when Clare & Henry when under pressure started dreaming a in a loop..small unhappy things…another word ‘gazillionth time’ was used by 2 characters..It may be natural, i just felt it is a lil unnatural… But I enjoyed every minute of reading this book. I had roamed around almost 2 years searching for it and Its reaaallly worth the wait. I’m not too hesitant to pick Audrey’s next book – ‘Her Fearful Symmetry’.  If she has put in sooooo much in this amazing work, there should be something in her next as well! The style, the flow and the emotion with which she has sketched the story beats me. No wonder the author is a painter herself it reflects in many places. She has also managed to weave in philosophy…managed to make the reader pause and think. Loved it and I reaaally devoured it.

Advice – Go for it! If you want a page-turner, sci-fi, romance fiction, whatever…just pick this one and you wont regret!

Verbivore’s say – Honey – Sweet & medicinal


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