Devouring Books!!!

I relish books as much as all those lovely tastes that have a tryst with my taste buds. In this blog I intend to write about my reviews on the few books Ive read!

I dont know If you will feel the same about the books mentioned here. To give you a hint I’ll jot down my choices. I guess I read with my heart and not with my brain (if at all I have one ;P). I enjoy those books which will make you live the character. Hence i sway more into non-fiction and classics. Page-turner fictions ofcourse i relish..but not something which requires too much of brains!!

So here I go telling you of the tastes of those books that Ive got time to devour.




2 thoughts on “Devouring Books!!!

  1. Dear Verbivore!

    How are you? I came across your enlightening blog and was wondering if you might be interested in reviewing my new book, ‘Love, That Shit!’. It’s a non-fiction effort this time round and I hope it piques your interest. Please find an introduction to the book below.

    Chandru Bhojwani

    ‘Love, That Shit!’

    At one point or another, we’ve all said or heard someone say, ‘Life’s a bitch!’ and for the most part, they aren’t entirely wrong. We’ve all had that moment where we believe we’ve sussed out life and everything is going our way. Morning breaks and we slip our iPad under our arm as we head in to the toilet to conduct our daily ‘business’. Once done, we reach out to grab some soft, triple ply toilet paper except our fingertips are greeted by a rough, hollowed out piece of cardboard. Right there, that’s life. It’s you getting defecating on, while defecating.

    ‘Love, That Shit!’ (LTS) hopes to help you through the process of getting into, dealing with and even the aftermath of relationships. While it offers a humorous take on some of the common episodes that invariably take place in our lives, LTS also aims to provide a message and a unique look at certain situations. It highlights the importance of an individual’s mindset and perspective to help tackle the emotional and mental toll most relationships take on us.

    Relationships don’t always flow as fluidly as the chapters of a book and it can be frustrating to have to read 87 pages to get to that message which speaks to you. LTS provides you with an alternative approach—you can simply read a chapter for its message before returning to your everyday life. In fact, you can even close your eyes, flick the pages and read the chapter that you land on. Think of LTS as a mix-tape; remember the excitement of popping it into your tape deck and not knowing what song was going to play next? With LTS, you don’t know what the next chapter holds for you; you can even fast-forward to a chapter without the need to know what was ‘played’ before! Imagine reliving that sense of mystery, excitement and discovery without the fear of the tape unspooling.

    The goal is that by the end of each chapter, you will not only realise that others are in the same boat too but would have hopefully obtained a new and more positive perspective on your situation through theirs—a funny Tiger Balm if you will. And before you embark on your ‘mix-tape’ escapade, just remember, at the end of the longest and darkest of nights, is always a new dawn.

  2. Thanks for dropping in here – I can do a review. – am not clear of the processes though. drop in a phonenumber/emailID here -il get intouch with u. dont email me in the address given here – i hardly check that

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