The Kite Runner

Summary – Aamir, the only son of a Kite runnerwealthy father brought up in Afghanistan, has a poor friend Hassan. They had a colorful friendship with memories to cherish. Hassan is as dedicated in the friendship as one could be. They spent days in Kabul, enjoying as kids and their major hobby was kite flying. Hassans father is a faithful servant of Aamir’s father and takes good care of Aamir. Aamir likes Hassan until he starts feeling insecure about his Dad’s concern for Hassan.

A rich naughty boy keeps harassing Aamir for befriending Hassan a lower caste. They did have a few tiffs, but the last one was humiliating and lasted for a lifetime. While Aamir was in the edge of winning a kite running tournament, they ran into the prankster, Hassan wouldn’t let go the kite for the sake of Aamirs victory, but ultimately ended up  by being raped by rich bully Assef. Hassan’s sacrifice however temporarily had a negative effect on Aamir. He was scared if his cowardice would be revealed if anyone came to know what happened and didn’t want his Dad’s love and sympathy direct towards Hassan again. He frames Hassan in a false trap and tries to get rid of hassan. They leave Kabul and after Russian invasion, Aamir and his Dad escape to America. Years later after a successful marriage and career, he receives a letter that tugged his heart and he starts on a journey, what follows is for you to know…

Review – Everything in this tugs your heart. The depth of love, the soul of sacrifice, the essence of humility and a lifetime for love. The storyline may sound cliché. Those who want to criticize may say that the theme is not innovative. But the author has a way to talk with his heart. He knows to get the tears from yours.

Advice – A must pick for all those who have pondered about the real meaning of love & friendship at least once in their life. A simple story in a simple language which will get you thinking of your life and your dear ones days after you have finished the last page.

Verbivore’s say –  A taste that once in your lifetime, you got to taste..else –  you are missing out on something!


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